10 Best Air Purifiers to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke And Other Pollutants

"Smoke from Cigarette Macro" by kevinbondelli

When you smoke indoors, the odor gets everywhere: into your furniture, your curtains, your carpeting, and lingers in the air. It can be nearly impossible to get rid of all the smoke, not to mention the odor it leaves behind.

Obviously, getting rid of the source of the smoke is the only fool-proof method for getting rid of the smoke altogether, but there are other ways you can maintain clean indoor air if you decide to continue to smoke.

One way to get rid of the smoke and the odor that it leaves behind is by using air purifiers that are proven to reduce smoke, even secondhand smoke in every room of the home you live in. They do this by capturing the particles of the smoke in the air and the carbon in the purifiers cleans it in order to get rid of the foul odors.

Based off of customer reviews, and extensive product testing below is the list of the best air purifiers to help fight against cigarette smoke and odors from the smoke.

GermGuardian AC4825 22” 3-in-1 Full Room Air Purifier

This an option that is not incredibly expensive coming. This HEPA air filter is great for cleaning the air and getting rid of allergens in the air. It can capture small molecules and gets rid of 9997% of dust that causes allergies.

It can eliminate dust, dander left behind by pets, mold spores, and smoke as well as odor left behind by smoke.

This air purifier uses a charcoal filter which gets rid of strong, otherwise hard to get rid of, odors like those from indoor pets, odors caused by smoking, cooking, outdoor fires, etc.
It contains a UV-C light that works along with the help of titanium dioxide which reduces bacteria in the air, viruses, harmful germs and mold spores that can grow like wildfire.
The purifier is 22 inches tall and has a 3-speed option.

It is best for a room that is 167sq feet or less, and it circulates the air in the specified room 4 times every hour.

The filter only has to be replaced every 6-8 months depending on how often you use it, making the maintenance extremely easy, and the life span of the purifier can be expected to be a long one if it is treated correctly.


LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Filter

Taking a deep breath may typically feel good, but that is because we can’t visibly see the dust, pollen, dander, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, smoke and odors that are hiding and lingering in the air just waiting to trigger your allergies and cause more risks to your health.

This air purifier is a great option as it can eliminate molecular allergens like dust mites, pollen dander, mold, and other pollutants at the particle level so that the air is truly clean. It does this by using a 3 stage filtration system which filters particles as small as 0.3 microns. When it cleans particles that are this small it can guarantee the removal of 99.97% of dust, pollen, smoke, odors, and other particulates.

Depending on how polluted the air is in the specified room, you have 3-speed settings to choose from to clean the air whether it is a relatively clean room that needs maintenance air cleaning, or a room heavily saturated with smoke and odors, you can be sure that this purifier can knock it out.

The purifier has a small, contemporary design so that it can fit into small spaces and go all but unnoticed!

The filter should typically be changed every 6 months, though it may need to be cleaned sooner if your air quality is poorer in the area that you put the purifier.


LEVOIT Large Room Air Purifier for Home with True HEPA Filter

This air purifier is a great option for large rooms like offices, lobbies, open concept homes. etc. and does a perfect job at cleaning tough air particles that seem impossible to get rid of in a large room.

The 3-stage filtration system with pre-filters, TRUE HEPA filters, and activated carbon filters, on this air purifier, will take care of almost 100% of tough particles including smoke and odors caused by it. It filters out particles that are as small as 0.3 microns or larger. It does not hurt the ozone at all as it does not use UV or Ions which have been shown to create harmful air pollutants.

This purifier is a smart purifier and comes on an automatic speed that is dependant on the air quality it assesses around it. The fan speed automatically adjusts in order to purify your air as quickly and efficiently as possible. For added convenience, it has a low sound noise so that your air can be continuously purified without making any disturbing noise. It also has a manual or automatic timer so that it can run continuously for up to 12 hours for optimal clean air.

This large air purifier for a smoke can clean a room of 322sq. feet or more and get you breathing in fresh, pure air in as little as 10 minutes!
If your purifier is doing regular maintenance cleaning on a daily basis, the filter should only need changing every 6 months, though it may need changing sooner if it is used in a room with air that is of lower quality- such as rooms filled with smoke.


Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, 6-in-1 Large Room Air Cleaner & Deodorizer

Hathaspace is an air purifier that is a 6-in-1 air cleaner and also deodorizes the air around you. The air that goes through this purifier foes through six stages of filtrations: air cleaner, odor eliminator, smoke remover, deodorizer, and sanitizer. It was created for the sole purpose of making your indoor air clean and healthy to breathe in.

The 6-stage purification system cleans almost 100% of the harmful particles found in the air in your home including pollen mites, formaldehyde, benzene, viruses, bacteria, and more. It is perfect for whatever type of room that you have: small, medium, and large, as it is small enough to not be cumbersome but big enough to pack a punch even in large areas.

It removes harmful particles from the air that are so fine that they can be absorbed into your lungs so that you can breathe without any issues. It has an automatic fan that adjusts based on the quality of the air in the room that you put it in.

If it senses that your air needs to be cleaned, it will come on and start working in a matter of minutes to make your air healthy and clean again. Even if you are not at home you can rest assured knowing that you will step into clean air when you return.

This eco-conscious company takes great pride in the quality and design of the products and how gentle it is with the environment. They also work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied and happy with the purifier and the clean air around you.


Winix 5300-2

The Winix 5300-2 is the new and improved air purifier that came right after the popular 5300 model. It is designed to clean any room in a home environment and has a guaranteed clean air delivery rate as well as a certified rating from the association of home appliance manufacturers. This unit is best used for medium or large living spaces such as kitchens or large sized bedrooms.

It has a 3-stage cleaning system which includes a carbon filter that reduces odors in the space it is in, including odors caused by smoke.

The product is a qualified ENERGY-STAR [roduct which means that it does not emit any gas that is harmful to the environment. It is registered with ENERGY-STAR in order to display just how energy efficient and environmentally friendly it is.

The 23-inch tall Winix air purifier can clean air in a room up to 360 sq. feet, and is light enough to carry to any room in your house.


Coway AP-1512HH

The Coway air purifier has automatic sensors that that automatically adjust the speed of the fans on the purifier based on how dirty or clean it senses the surrounding air quality to be. This is a smaller air purifier that is best suited for smaller rooms that are 151 square feet or less.

Its small size makes it easy to pick up and move it to whatever room has unclean air. Its small design also makes it easy to place in any area of a room without it getting in the way and becoming cumbersome. Even with its small design, it still packs a powerful punch and gets the air clean in no time. It may be small, but its many features ensure that the air in your indoor space is fresh and clean.

One feature that this air purifier has is that it can go into eco-mode. This mode is when the purifier’s sensor doesn’t sense any unclean particles in the air for 30 minutes or more, the fans will automatically turn off so that the fan stops using unnecessary energy.

It also contains some unique features such as washable pre-filters so that you don’t have to buy more every few months, odor filters that get rid of tough to beat odors such as smoke in a room, and HEPA filters that blast away dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses, and more that is lurking in the air.

The air purifier can go into auto mode on its own which means it will automatically adjust the fan speeds and the airflow rate based on how polluted the purifier senses the air in the room to be.

The air quality indicator is the sensor that kicks the purifier into a higher mode if it senses more dirt and impurities, and the smart sensor adjusts the fan speeds automatically at the same time if it senses extra pollutants in the air. This ensures that there is good quality air in your living space 24/7.

The purifier does come with an automatic indicator that lights up when the purifier needs to have the filter replaced. However, the filters don’t usually need to be changed but for every six months unless the air quality has more impurities in it.


IQAir Medical

The IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier is the number one reviewed and awarded air purifier on the market- it has more great reviews and awards for cleaning the air than any other purifier there are. The HyperHEPA IQAir air purifier has a filtration system that goes above an beyond to get rid of pollutants in the air that other normal air filters on the market just can’t get rid of.

The filtration system in these series of purifiers is tested by third-party labs to make sure that their effectiveness in removing particles from the air is up to snuff. If it is working as it should, then the filtration system on these air purifiers will get rid pollution in the air all the way down to particles that are 0.003 microns small.

This means that the IQAir purifier can get rid of pollution particles that are 100 times smaller than those that can be taken out of the air with the regular purifiers on the market.
The air that is cleaned by this air purifier is so clean that hospitals often use it to make sure that the air is completely sterilized.

They put them in rooms with patients who have little to no immune system and cannot breathe in air with any type of pollution in it so that they can ensure the air is completely clean for them.

Each and every system, each part of the purifier is tested by hand individually at the factory with a special tool known as an electronic particle counter. This tool has a certified filter on it which filters out a minimum of 99.97% of all the polluted particles that are 0.3 microns or bigger.


Alen BreatheSmart Classic Large Room Air Purifier

This air purifier is specifically designed to clean the air in large rooms that have an open concept to them. It is the total package when it comes to solving the needs you have for clean air.

Users of this product can customize the purifier with the color they want when they order it as it comes in fourteen fun colors to choose from.

They also have the option of personalizing the filter that they get so if their air is clean, but they need extra allergens taken out of the air, they can get a filter focused on just allergens. If they have severe allergies or live in a home where there are smoke and odor from it, they can get a filter that is designed to trap every odor.

The air purifier comes with smart sensors that are intuitive and can sense the air quality around it. Based on what the air quality is, the sensors will automatically adjust the filter and the fan speeds to change as your environment changes leaving you with the cleanest air that you can have.

The fans in the purifier operate very quietly, and its design is as compact as possible. This means that users barely hear the purifier as it runs so there is minimal disruption for the user. It is also designed to be as compact as possible and take up the minimal amount of room as it can which makes it far less cumbersome than other filters that clean an area that size typically are.

It also contains a smart mode that senses when lights go off. This means that even if it is placed in your bedroom or your living room when it is time for bed, it will enter its lights off mode so that it does not disturb your nighttime routine.

A great feature that a lot of parents appreciate is that it has child-safety features. These features include things like a control panel that locks and a guard on the vent so that little fingers can’t get caught.

It is designed to purify the air in large rooms that go up to roughly 1,100 square feet in size. It has been tested and proven to clean the air and get rid of odors in a room this large in just two hours or less.

The other cool functions of this purification system are the ionizer, filter life indicator so you know when to change it, a manual and automatic timer, sleep mode, 4-speed fan, automatic mode, very portable, smart sensors, and custom designer panels.


Blueair Blue Pure 211+ Air Purifier with Washable Pre-Filters

This is a powerhouse of a purifier that can bring a splash of color into your home customized to your liking.

It fits into any room in the home without getting in the way!
The one-button control panel allows you to pick your fan speed and it starts blasting away odors and pollutants that cause allergies and other health issues to arise.

The air filter gets rid of 99% of pollutants in the air like allergies, mold, dander, smoke, odors, and other particles. It is captured by a specially designed filter that has three stages of filtration which is the colorful washable prefilter, particle, and activated carbon filters.

The activated carbon filters are what gets rid of odors in the rooms that are caused by things like smoking and pets and are otherwise impossible to get rid of.


Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover, 465 sq. Ft, HPA300

The filter in this air purifier captures allergens at a microscopic level. It gets rid of odors, viruses in the air, and other germs and pollutants.

This one qualifies for Energy Star which means that it is highly energy efficient. It has an automatic timer and comes on when it senses that the air needs to be purified.

It also comes with electronic filter-replacement reminders, though usually the filters only need to be changed every 6 months, or less if the air needs extra purifying.
It comes in three different sizes so that living spaces from medium to extra large can have clean air in no time.

Any of these air purifiers on this list are great ones to buy. They all come highly reviewed by customers who have tried them out and proven how well they work. Any of them will work well depending on what you are looking for, and the room size you have that needs to be purified, one may be better than the other.

However, you can be sure that no matter which one you go with your air will be cleaner, there will be almost no pollutants in the air that you breathe so that you will be at less of a risk of dealing with allergens and other health issues brought on by pollutants in the air.

You will no longer have to deal with things like odor, smoke, mold and mildew spores, pollen, and more. You will finally be able to breathe easier!



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